4 thoughts on “Initial set of mecki hedgehog postcards

  1. barbel

    i love the mecki postcards, i am from germany and the nickname was given to me by my uncle when i was small. i have 13 cards at this time, my nephew get them for me when he goes to switzerland. i love them, thankyoiu

  2. Tiffany Jane

    I have a nice early ’50s black and white Mecki postcard if you’d like me to scan and send it to you.

  3. admin Post author

    Great. Please scan it from both sides and give some background about it. Maybe you know some history behind it or so …

  4. Tiffany Jane

    Hi, I’m about to scan it. Unfortunately I can’t do the reverse as it’s private, was from my father who was working in Germany, to my mother in Glamorgan, Wales written 25th September 1954, between when they met in the August and married in the December

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